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White Fillings

What are White Fillings?

White fillings are dental fillings that mimic natural teeth color and restore tooth functionality for teeth that have decayed. White fillings have shown to be increasingly popular amongst our patient’s at The Hillside Smile Dental Care since they provide a natural appearance of the mouth, teeth and smile. White fillings are known as composite resin fillings which are tooth colored plastic and glass mixtures used to restore decayed teeth. White fillings promote cosmetic improvements in the size, shape and color of the teeth with closing gaps between the teeth, repairing chipped or reshaping uneven teeth highly requested by patients.

What is the procedure involved in placing a White Filling at The Hillside Smile Dental Care?

We at The Hillside Smile Dental Care are highly skilled at placing fillings and offer their patients a comfortable and stress free environment making the procedure both a satisfying and pleasant experience.
Prior to placing a filling, removal of tooth decay is necessary if present and is done so by numbing the area using local anesthesia. By utilizing a drill, we are able to remove the decay by cutting through the enamel into the underlying dentin layer thereafter preparing the space for a filling. Bonding is usually required when placing a white filling to reduce the likelihood of a leakage or decay occurring under the filling. To prepare the tooth for bonding, an acid gel is etched making small holes on the surface of the tooth’s enamel allowing for a bonding agent to bond the filling to the tooth. We at our practice care for the well-being of all patients and take extreme measures to protect the pulp of the tooth from damaging by applying a base or a liner made of composite resin. During the placement of a composite filling as such, we apply a special light to harden each layer of the resin making it stronger to enable a better fit when biting and flossing the teeth. If necessary, adjustments are made and polishing of the tooth is done.

Are White Fillings a suitable choice for everyone?

When it comes to deciding the most suitable type of material for a filling, we at The Hillside Smile Dental Care can be of help. We prioritize in discussing with our patients the potential benefits, limitations and possible consequences of all dental type fillings. We offer alternative fillings to composite resin, such as non-tooth colored fillings including; silver amalgam, gold, and porcelain. Since all dental conditions vary from patient to patient, we offer fillings materials dependent on patient needs by taking into consideration the depth of tooth decay, the position of the teeth, and force applied when chewing. However patients are more inclined towards composites since they can be matched to the natural color of the teeth, and require a less invasive treatment in restoring tooth functionality while proving to be stronger due to the bonding process. No matter what type of filling material used, we encourage patients to maintain good oral hygiene for longer lasting fillings.