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General Dentistry

What is General Dentistry at The Hillside Smile Dental Care?

General Dentistry provides a wide range of services that are essential for patient well-being. We at the Hillside Smile Dental Care provides dental care to people of all ages. We specialize in the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of all occurring dental problems in the mouth, while also maintaining the function and appearance of the teeth. We offer a routine visit consisting of undergoing a thorough mouth examination of the teeth, gums and other surrounding structures. We assist in maintaining good dental health by offering preventative services which include regular teeth x-rays, professional cleanings and methods of improved oral hygiene. Dental x-rays are extremely useful for detecting any cavities, bone or gum loss, periodontal disease, tumors and any other abnormalities interconnected within the lower structures of the head.

What services are available within General Dentistry at The Hillside Smile Dental Care?

Within general dentistry, restorative services are also necessary, with removal of tooth decay and placing a filling being most frequently performed. Dental trauma, such as a broken or loosened tooth, requires prompt treatment and we provide diagnosis and treatments of underlying dental causes and diseases. Periodontal treatments, dentures, placing crown or bridges, and root canals are also involved in our treatment plans at Smile Dental Care. We prioritize timely and appropriate treatment for all patients. Amongst our many services, cosmetic services are highly sought-after, and we at Smile Care Dental assists patients in getting their perfect smile by offering a number of cosmetic procedures including, veneers and laser white teething. We are dedicated to being attentive to our pain-sensitive patients and discuss the best methods to perform these services. In addition, by simply evaluating the oral cavity, we can diagnose further underlying health concerns in the body, such as uncontrolled diabetes causing oral infections. The Smile Care Dental team is highly skilled in identifying and offering appropriate referrals dependent on patient health status.

How often is a dental visit required?

Whether or not a person has healthy or poor teeth, a visit to the general dentist is crucial. We offer more than just a regular check-up and cleaning, instead we examine gum tissues and screen for potential diseases, such as periodontal disease and oral cancer to build rapport for future concerns if detected. We highly recommend dental visits every six months to ensure continued health of the teeth and gums which enables early treatment for any onset of dental issues. We at The Hillside Smile Dental Care give our patients the opportunity to discuss and devise a customized dental hygiene plan that includes dental examinations, professional teeth cleaning, x-rays and possible diagnostic procedures to prevent tooth decay or disease. If a further specialized dental procedure is to be performed, we work at Smile Dental Care to ensure the appropriate care and treatment plan that every patient deserves.